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Cake pans now available for check-out

Decorah Public Library is offering something new and unusual to check out: cake pans!

Donated by Nancy Dayton, the pans are from her mother’s extensive collection. Dayton explains, “My mother started doing cakes for her children's birthdays when they were very young. She taught herself cake decorating through at home studies and community education classes. She used these talents to make family holidays extra special. When others saw these cakes they noted her talent and soon she was asked to do cakes for them.  This included birthdays, graduations, and other special events. Soon her photo album of cakes she had done included beautiful wedding cakes. My mother thoroughly enjoyed her hobby and the extra income opportunity was wonderful. After making the cakes for her children's weddings and weddings of a few of their friends she decided it was time to retire. She passed all of her supplies on to me, and I decided to donate pans to the community for others to use and enjoy all the fun possibilities.”

Cake pans include a variety of shapes and characters, like Big Bird, Donald Duck, Garfield, Oscar the Grouch, Popeye, and many more. Most of the pans also come with instructions for baking and decorating the cake.

Call the library at 382-3717 for more information.