Volunteering is great for the community, but it is also great for the volunteer!

RSVP Program Benefits
RSVP offers benefits to the volunteer.

Volunteering Produces Health Benefits
New Report Shows Helping Others Improves Your Well-being and Longevity

The SHARE program is not a part of the RSVP program but by volunteering 2 hours a month, You can take part in SHARE and stretch your food dollars? This program is available to all income levels. Volunteers pick up their packages on an assigned day at a local location, usually a Church or some other public location. For more information, call: SHARE Iowa Office & Distribution Center 1102 South 7th St. P.O. Box 328 Oskaloosa, IA 52577-0328 or visit their on-line site at: http://www.shareiowa.com/index.php?PAGE_ID=2 1-800-344-1107 (641)673-4000