Summer Literacy Challenge

Reading ChallengeLooking for inspiration to keep reading, learning, and being curious this summer?  Check out Decorah Public Library’s “Stay Curious” literacy challenge cards!

 Decorah Public Library is offering two “Stay Curious Challenge” cards: an “Early Literacy Challenge” card designed for children 0-5 and a “Reading Challenge” card recommended for children, tweens, teens, elementary school age and older.

 “We love offering virtual programming but we also want to offer our patrons an opportunity to step away from their screens.  Our hope is to inspire families to keep reading, playing, listening, and learning as the weather gets warmer and summer begins,” says Children’s and Young Adult Librarian Rachael Button.

For older children the “challenges” range from “make a piece of art inspired by something you’ve read” to “read a book about a character from a different country.”

Button notes that audiobooks, graphic novels, comic books, and books read to the reader by a friend, sibling, or grown-up all “count.”

 “At Decorah Public Library, our goal is to applaud recreational reading and, perhaps, inspire readers to try books that they might not otherwise be exposed to: it’s not a competition but a community celebration of reading.”

 For the “Early Literacy Challenge Card,” Button took cues from the Public Library Association’s monthly calendar.

 “The prompts are grounded in reading, writing, singing, and play,” Button says. For example, one square says, “Invite your child to ‘write’ an email or a text message to a friend or relative, ask them to tell you what to say as you type.” Another square invites families to “Write letters using steam on the windows, dust on a car, or dirt on the ground.”

Families that have children who are “between” the two boards developmentally are welcome to mix-and-match prompts from both boards.

Once participants have finished 10 squares on either Challenge Card, they are invited to enjoy a curbside treat at the Sugar Bowl.  Participants can turn-in their card (with their first name and age written on top) and receive a free small single scoop cone or dish.

 This program is free and open to the public. Prizes are sponsored by Friends of Decorah Public Library.  Challenge cards are available below. Questions can be directed to Rachael Button at

Click on the images below for a downloadable and printable copy of the Challenge Card

Early Literacy Challenge Board Color Downloadable

Early Literacy Challenge Board B&W Downloadable

Reading Challege Board Color Downloadable

Reading Challenge Board B&W Downloadable