Winter Bingo Reading Decorah Publicv Library

Decorah Public Library is offering two BINGO challenges: an “Early Literacy” bingo card designed for children 0-5 and a “Read Diverse Books” BINGO card recommended for children, tweens, teens, elementary school age and older. Participants have between February 1 and April 10th to finish as many BINGO squares as they can. To get a prize, participants must complete 5 activities in a row (across, vertically, or diagonally) from one of the BINGO cards. Children under 5 may win up to 3 prizes. Older children and teens can get a prize for their first BINGO and a raffle ticket for every additional BINGO.

Winter Bingo Early Literacy Card (recommended for age 0-5)

Winter Bingo Diverse Reading Card (recommended for elementary school age and older)